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commercial appliance repair in santa monicaCommercial appliances can cost a fortune. A high end, customized commercial range for instance, can easily set you back several thousand dollars. Most top of the line commercial refrigerators, freezers, dishwashers, washing machines, dryers, ice makers and ovens don’t come cheap either. But given that these appliances run throughout the day to keep your business operational, they’re worth every penny.

Of course, once you’ve spent a fortune on a commercial appliance, you want to take good care of it so you can keep getting the most out of it for a long time. For many businesses, these appliances are the backbone of the entire investment, and a break down in one of them can bring vital activities in the business to an abrupt stop.  In today’s highly competitive business world, your business cannot afford downtime as that gives your competition an edge over you.

The best way to take care of your business is by investing in proper care and maintenance for your appliances. You also need to anticipate occasional defects that are bound to happen as a result of wear and tear. As soon as you notice any glitches, it’s important that you take care of them right away.

Here’s How to Tell When Your Commercial Appliance Has a Defect

There’s, of course a wide variety of commercial appliances out there, so the defects here are the general ones. If you spot any of these signs in your appliance, you need to take action right away:

  • The appliance has problems coming on or turning off
  • The appliance stops suddenly while running
  • A part of the appliance is clearly defective
  • The appliance has a leakage
  • The appliance makes a lot of noise while running
  • The appliance produces electric sparks
  • The appliance shakes violently once in operation

If your commercial appliance exhibits any of these problems, it’s important that you tackle it right away. The longer the problem remains unaddressed, the more revenue your business stands to lose. If the appliance in question is a freezer, then most of the supplies you’ve stored in there will start getting spoilt within a day or two. Sometimes, the malfunctioning appliance is a security risk to people and property. A range that has electrical problems, for instance, is a huge fire hazard. Dealing with the issue quickly is in your best interest. So what action can you take?

What to Do When Your Commercial Appliance Is Defective

Defects in your commercial appliances can generally be dealt with in two ways.

  1. Replace the appliance. While this move will help restore the normal routine in your your business, it can have huge financial costs for your enterprise. Like we mentioned earlier, most commercial appliances cost upwards of one thousand dollars. You don’t want to spend that much money whenever one of your appliances is acting up.
  2. Call for professional appliance repair. It’s by far the more reasonable solution to problems in your commercial appliances. Almost every defect that can attack your commercial appliance can be easily and affordably repaired. You only need to make sure that you’re dealing with a seasoned technician.

We’d Can Help

Don’t allow a malfunctioning appliance bring your business to a sudden stop. Contact us at Santa Monica Appliance Repair to help you out. We promise to restore your appliance to perfect working order within no time at all.

Why Choose Us?

Because Santa Monica Appliance Repair is the most respected appliance repair provider in the region. We specialize in delivering lasting appliance repair and maintenance solutions to a wide variety of businesses in Santa Monica and its environs. Our service delivery is phenomenal, which is why we our clients have learnt to count on us whenever stuck.

We have some of the best technicians in the industry. Our technicians are both EPA certified and extensively experienced in the repair and maintenance of all kinds of commercial appliances. It does not matter the nature or size of the malfunction your appliance has; we’ll fix it and get your appliance as good as new within no time.

Services We Provide

Among the services you can count on us to provide include:

  • Commercial refrigerator repair
  • Commercial washer repair
  • Commercial dryer repair
  • Commercial range repair
  • Commercial dishwasher repair
  • Commercial freezer repair
  • Commercial ice maker repair

We provide maintenance services too. We can handle appliances from all the top brands in the country. Our rates are unbeatable.

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